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Published: October 5, 2016 (7 years 6 months ago.)
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Python Algorithms: Mastering Basic Algorithms

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G = (V,E), Where:

Vertices, or nodes, are often nouns, while the edges, or relationships, are often verbs. A person, John Smith, is a node. An address, 123 Main St., is also a node. John Smith “lives at” 123 Main St. designates a relationship (verb) between 2 nodes.

John Smith might “marry” Jane Smith, “know” Mr. George, and “work for” Boeing. Each of these edges can carry a weight as well as be directed or undirected. Multigraphs allow for multiple edges between nodes with different weights and attributes.

From youtube video: Graph_Databases_in_Python.

One especially important type of graph is the property graph. This is the type of graph to be used in a “detective” web application where users can help build a case against the global oligarchy.

Database structure






User Edges:


Sample SQL schemas from police dbs. These are good starting points for a relational database.