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    The historical division of cultures is being eroded by an amalgamated global culture that is in turn leading to the destruction of familial foundations required to perpetuate our dwindling heritage.

    Arguing that the media is conflating the concept of boycott with several, less desirable, actions in an attempt to stifle powerful socio-economic tactics.

    A simple script to backup and restore your Firefox session without the need for flaky addons.

    1200 miles of road, 22+ hours behind the wheel, a gaggle and a half of people to wade through... all for 150 awe-inspiring seconds and a little sunburn.

    Notes and an example on how to use python to create and plot a power function model in python using numpy, scipy and matplotlib.

    Bitcoin might be secure from a software perspective, but it is in no way safe from manipulation.

    This simple pair of programs extracts apache's logs into JSON and creates simple bar graphs via matplotlib.

    A simple program to generate the HTML (jinja) for all the image notes associated with a book.


    [Resistor Box]

    A project done to improve my soldering skills. 122 joints.


    [Easel 1.0]

    The top of any desk has to be looked down on... unless you tip the top to face your face!

    After suffering from a sore neck for years, I decided to design a new chair that would offer particular support. This "desk" was the eventual result of that attempt.



    [Garden 2016]

    "Hedging" my bets, and property line, with soil amending weeds and a bunch of new trees.


    [World Geo Graph]

    This is an article about how to rip the country land border


    [Graph Databases]

    This is an article about graph databases in general.



    This is an article about neo4j. From the ground up, maybe some reference material.


    [Simple Timers]

    A pair of simple timers. One written in bash and the other in python.

    This is an article about my creating CONected



    [Garden 2015]

    The momentum of forestation continues to increase with the addition of over a dozen new terrific trees, loads of marvelous mulch, and a swell swale.

    From one messy folder containing almost 5000 hashed video names to a neatly organized hierarchical structure in 25 lines of python.

    This is an (rough) old article about how we the people are not powerless in the face of the oligarchy's monopolies, but that as consumers we hold the ultimate power over the economy.



    [Garden 2014]

    This year the yard was improved with the addition of a proper garden as well as an area for raising chickens. The initial map was also created.

    One of the first python programs I wrote, in 2014, to actually do something for me. It threadedly scans multiple craigslist cities and categories and writes everything it sees to an SQLite database. It was used to alert when new items are posted that match a given criteria and to search for non-location specific goods ie



    [Garden 2013]

    My first attempt at a small proper garden, a deck turned cornucopia, and a chicken coop from recycled materials.



    [Garden 2012]

    This year I built several raised beds, composted like a madman, began restoring a creek bank, and made a small dam that failed.



    [Garden 2011]

    The journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step. This is the first year I began redesigning my father's yard into a permaculture inspired eden.

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