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Published: February 19, 2017 (7 years 2 months ago.)

Final Result


The legs form a 30-60-90 degree triangle and allow for a high or low “setting” depending on orientation.


The holes were added symmetrically wily-nilly to allow for “mounting” points and wire pass through points. I saw a double star in the pattern and connected the dots with a black and red sharpie. Both went on fairly nice with only minor bleeding (for now, the red bleeds later).


The power drill weighs in on the situation.

After over-filing one leg led to the use of a scrap piece of wood to act as a support glued into the over-filed corner.



Red sharpie ink bled when polyurethane was applied. The black sharpie ink remained crisp (The minor bleeding was when the black sharpie was applied).

To take full advantage of the 60 degree side of the easel it must be placed sufficiently high in relation to line of sight. An Ergonomic desk I designed with this placement in mind.

Alternatively, the easel’s 30 degree viewing angle is more useful on a typical (lower) table.