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The Doors of Perception
Pub Year:
Read: 2017-04-11
Last Update: 2017-04-11

Five Sentence Abstract:



If you are aware of the Huxley's involvement with eugenics generally and Aldous' involvement with the creation of the 1960's counter-culture specifically then everything that comes out of this psychopaths mouth should be extremely suspect. For more information than I could possibly provide on the subject, check out gnosticmedia.com and tragedyandhope.com.

After personally trying mescaline and other psychedelic substances, on quite numerous occasions, I can see how they put the imbiber into a state of hyper-suggestibility. Couple this with mass media and you have a recipe for disaster. These substances were likely used through all time as a means of social control - from the mystery schools to the Aztecs to Madison Ave.

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