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Published: January 29, 2018 (6 years 2 months ago.)
Tags:  Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop

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A Jungian psychologist pushes feminism, homosexuality, the holocaust, and other general subversive topics under the cover of poetry and ancient history.

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It begins with a look at Alice in Wonderland that leads to defending Lewis Carroll for taking photographs of naked girls and being glad we remember him for Alice and not the photographs, which 'would land him in jail today.' This kind of subversiveness continues unabated throughout the book with the promotion of homosexuality, promiscuity, the supposed plight of the Jews, outright anti-male sentiment, and countless other hateful positions. She dodges a bullet when discussing the 'False Memory Syndrome' (that has been used to discredit abused children in both the Finders and San Francisco Presido school cases) as unimportant, claiming that the veracity of the memory is secondary to healing the psychological wounds and helping the victim feel better. The book essentially preaches victimhood on one page and then how to overcome being a victim on the next, but this seems like nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to promote what we see today in the oppression Olympics so prevalent in our universities and beyond - the more victimized you are, the smaller your minority, the more 'points' you get. Last, but far from least, the author plainly states that heterosexuality is an artifact of culture that is reinforced through media and that heterosexuality is actually a neurosis.

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This one of very few books that actually made me angry. Most of this subversive stuff I look at from a scholarly perspective, but this, this seemed like the debasement was that of a true believer, a useful idiot. When you read Propaganda or similar works you can at least appreciate the evil genius behind them, but this is more the result of years of being exposed to the cultural degradation present in the modern university. The product being an intelligent person that spews utter nonsense like “violence through words, words can KILL”!

I would not suggest reading this, not even this review let alone the whole thing, unless you want to get a look into the mind of the snowflake precursor. An old school, born in the 40s, feminist, lesbian, Jew. Cringe.

The author has been fully indoctrinated in Jewish victimhood. Holocaust! Anti-Semites! The Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years! Maybe because Jews are subversives? This is literally a book, by a self proclaimed subversive Jew, that promotes the subversive change of culture. The Jews are mentioned every few pages.

Both pro-feminist and anti-male points are belabored. While this is more “common” today, this book was published in 2002 and the essays it contains were written decades ago. Women are portrayed as powerful and compared to mother earth’s volcanoes that can tear apart man’s work, but women, at the same time, are also oppressed…

Given these positions, it is not surprising that Lyn is a lesbian. She claims that even the word lesbian is wonderful because lesbian starts with L, like lusty. But why not lame? Honestly I don’t even know what else to say to this “point”. Men are magnificent (or malignant)? Heterosexuals are Happy (or heretics)?

“victims are likely to be individually victimized as women, people of color, children, animals; or collectively as Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, lesbians and gays, old people, handicapped people, and so forth.” And so forth seem to allude to everyone but men is victimized. How is this not completely divisive? I suppose it is, and also not a surprise when the whole book is about subversion.

Now she talks about “apparent victimhood”. “The apparent antidote to victimhood is paranoia: trust no one, use deadbolt locks in your home, practice safe sex in your own bed, buckle up in your car, wear a hard hat and keep a cool head at work, know your rights when dealing with smooth-talking salespeople, police, and therapists.” Calling paranoia what is simply reasonable action, perfectly sensible if you are a subversive.

There is a whole chapter on how heterosexuals are lacking something and can’t love “the same” are “neurotic”. It goes on to say that society programs us to be heterosexual… what about the other animals? Sure there is homosexuality here and there, but it is the odd state, not the default. Again, isn’t this exactly the same as the claimed oppression that gays are suffering under? If I said gays were programmed by the media, I would likely be ridiculed as a homophobe, but if a lesbian says the opposite it is acceptable.

The last chapter equates melancholy, which the author self identifies with, to intelligence. She uses comparisons to Greek gods as evidence, something that is done regularly throughout the book. Even her so-called intelligence is used to usher in another level of victimhood; she has to contend with understand the cruel world we live in. As if some ignorant fool can’t suffer.

Lyn Cowan, I pity any of your clients. I wonder what would be worse: you psycho analyzing someone or a lifetime of numbing drugs? Quite the tossup.

Exceptional Excerpts

“though his [Lewis Carroll] moral character as a Christian clergyman was impeccable, and his scholarship as a mathematician more than acceptable, he seemed capable of high excitement only when in the company of young girls, whom he photographed in the nude whenever possible. Fortunately he is remembered for his writing and not his photographs, which, lovely and poignant as they are, in our day would probably land him jail, or at least banned from the Web."

“Before words had lost much of their meaning and power to move, hatred could be spoken, articulated, pronounced – in the form of a curse – and the effect was as forceful as any physical weapon. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can truly kill me."

“It is practically impossible to say anything about sex without saying something about gender. In our culture they are so confused and undifferentiated as to be synonymous. Considering the fact that they have been confused for about 5,000 years, it is no small effort to try to separate them. I believe that one of the major tasks of our species is to begin to differentiate and separate ideas of gender from ideas of sex."

“Scientism is the religion of our time, with psychology one of its sects."

Table of Contents

· Preface

· Introduction

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· 01: Tracking the White Rabbit Notes on eccentricity (or, A quick tour with Alice through Wonderland)

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· 02: Feeding the psyche: Junk words and corn-fed music

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· 03: Women and the land Imagination and reality

page 38:

· 04: “Taking The Dark With Open Eyes” Hidden dimensions of a psychology of abortion

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· 05: False memories, true memory, and maybes

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page 63:

· 06: Styx and stones - Hatred and the art of cursing

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page 76:

Cosmic loving, as in “I-love-humanity,” is as useless and ridiculous as “I-hate-Jews(Catholics, Blacks, gays, telemarketers, whatever your group preference).”

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· 07: The archetype of the victim

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· 08: Homo/aesthetics, or, romancing the self

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· 09: Sexual encounters of the third kind

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· 10: Blue notes: Some reflections on melancholy

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